Welcome to Shield Medical Inc.

Shield Medical Inc. was formed in 1997 to provide cost effective health benefits to Professional Corporations and Incorporated companies to help save tax dollars through a Private Health Services Plan.

Shield Medical Inc. has since expanded from an Edmonton based head office to serving all of Western Canada.

Our plans have a low one time enrolment fee for the company and no monthly, annual,  change fees or premiums to pay. The only charge is our administrative fee of 10% (taxes included) when you make a claim.

Selecting our Cash Plan means that no pre-deposit is required. Your cash is not tied up with us. Our Spending Account Plan is designed to allow you to manage your companies cash flows, and our Deposit Account Plan reduces your wait time to zero. Call and we will be glad to help you find the best plan for you and your company. The cost is the same no matter which plan fits you best, and there are no fees to change plans at a later date.

Shield Medical is once again offering travel insurance! Click for more information